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Transforming Retail and Consumer

Few sectors have experienced the transformation that retail and consumer has within the past decade. Amazon, a company that began in Jeff Bezos’ garage in 1995, now has more than 19 million customers a day – with annual revenues larger than the GDPs of half the countries in the world.

Globalisation, omni-channels and the convergence of the branding experience are not only dramatically changing the industry, but transforming the skills required. For more than two decades, Impact Executives has been a trusted partner to leading high street brands, start-ups and private equity firms providing experts on a short term basis to help them succeed.

Our interim leaders deliver:

International results: Opened new international markets in the US for a leading UK brand delivering profitable revenue streams as growth in home markets slows

Omni-channels: Delivered the digital marketing strategy for a FTSE 100 business to give consumers the same experience at all touch points by the customer, in store, online and on mobile

Turnaround programmes: Delivered a turnaround plan for this major Italian high street retailer across all operational areas – cutting costs by 20%

Value re-structuring: Introduced new ways to measure and manage business performance by individual customers’ profitability – rather than the historical by store and category

New products: Led the successful launch of a new mobile telecoms business unit for a major UK retailer

Created a global demand led supply chain: Moving from a linear supply chain to a dynamic demand led network for a fashion retailer

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