Harvey Nash & Impact Executives Diversity Roundtable

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Harvey Nash & Impact Executives Diversity Roundtable

This week, Harvey Nash and Impact Executives hosted a breakfast roundtable on Diversity. Led by Carol Rosati, the discussion focussed on the practical ways organisations can achieve diversity and improve the talent pipeline. Carol is the founder of the Harvey Nash Women’s network Inspire and has just been awarded an OBE for her services to Women in Business

Improving diversity is high on many organisations’ agendas. With concerns such as attraction and retention of top talent, dominance of certain age profiles, limited availability of expertise, workplace safety, cultural integration and the changing nature of the labour market, organisations need a diversity strategy that fits their corporate objectives.

Leadership & culture, communication and addressing underlying behaviours. A strategy that promotes diversity, bold thinking, a values-based culture embedded into KPI’s, succession planning and responding appropriately to undesirable behaviour is crucial in demonstrating a commitment to diversity. The tone for the organisation is set at the top. Time spent coaching and empowering managers in how to engage with their own team and deal with issues will ensure culture is a reflection of policy. When policy says one thing and reality says another it can be more damaging than having no policy at all.

Consider the underlying behaviours and social perceptions that exist within our organisations that inform how we treat each other. What does flexible working look like? How do we treat and manage those with flexible arrangements? How does the organisation treat people returning to work or those with care responsibilities? How does the culture and environment support paternity leave?

So who’s responsible for making sure diversity happens? We all are.  We need to work harder to challenge the barriers to diversity, earlier. Employers must do more to evolve their thinking, processes and definitions of success. Individuals need to do more to think about how they are communicating and behaving not just in the workplace but also socially. Do we reinforce gender, culture and age stereotypes with our children? Finally, recruiters need to do more to challenge their clients and ensure processes are robust.

Are small changes enough? Arguments exist for and against positive discrimination but, given the slow progress that has been made since we first started talking about the glass ceiling, is legislation realistically the only way to change? The smoking ban has been fantastic in creating a new normal; could legislation for diversity be the same? Positive discrimination can be counterproductive in a meritocracy but when the definitions of success are fundamentally flawed by the unconscious bias of those who create them, perhaps legislation is the answer.

Leading cultural change, especially around diversity, is not easy for organisations and this expertise is rare. If you or your organisation would like to find out more about how our interims may be able to help, our diversity work or a copy of our diversity toolkit, please email me, Trudy Peeler, at trudy.peeler@impactexecutives.com.

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Event Details

When: June 17, 2015

Where: 110 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AY

Contact: Trudy Peeler or 0044 20 7314 2011