Digital Transformation Roundtable – Factors for Success

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Digital Transformation Roundtable – Factors for Success

Our latest Digital Breakfast event opened with the view that increasingly, digital transformation is being perceived to be a critical driver of organisational success as well as an essential factor in creating competitive advantage. As it moves from innovation to core competency and becomes a major revenue generator, CIOs have to rethink their approach and toolkit.  As the progenitor of this transformation, how can you drive the capacity and wiliness to change and shift cultures to ensure your organisation is designed effectively to be successful?

Key Discussion Points

What do we understand by Digital and Transformation?

Many organisations struggle to transform

Does the CIO lead the transformation?

What is the future of data and ‘Big Data?’

The lifecycle of change





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Event Details

When: January 17, 2017

Where: 110 Bishopsgate, London

Contact: Bruce Mair or 0044 20 7314 2011