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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What type of interim management assignments does Impact Executives handle?

A. Impact Executives has a wide range of blue chip clients in areas as diverse as: IT, financial services, healthcare, government, telecoms, transport, manufacturing, retail and utilities. Our assignments can cover a huge array of requirements from short-term cover for maternity leave; sickness or holiday, to mergers and acquisitions; change-management; start-up; company disposal and also handling special projects.

Q. What functions do you cover?

A. Impact Executives handles a wide spectrum of management disciplines including: general management; finance and treasury; HR; project management; sales and marketing; supply-chain and logistics; and IT.

Q. How much does an interim manager earn?

A. Interim managers with Impact Executives will earn typically from between £500 to £2,000 per day, plus travelling and accommodation expenses. Rates will depend on the complexity of the assignment and the seniority of the interim executive involved.

Q. Who contracts the interim manager – the client or Impact Executives?

A. At Impact Executives all of our interim managers sign a contract with us and send us a monthly invoice with timesheets, covering days spent on the assignment. Impact Executives then pays the interim manager within 14 working days.

Q. Once on assignment, how much contact will an interim manager have with Impact Executives?

A. Impact Executives maintains regular contact with its interim managers to ensure that the assignment is going to plan and that the client is satisfied. Apart from regular telephone contact, Impact Executives also meets with the interim client to review the assignment. At the end of the assignment Impact Executives will conduct a review of the assignment and the overall outcome with both client and interim manager.