Being a Successful Interim Manager

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Being a Successful Interim Manager

You need to build a credible interim management CV. Wherever possible document an assignment showing quantifiable deliverables. It is imperative to specialise so that you play to your strengths and build up a good quality interim management CV.

Although interim managers are generally very experienced, it is important to maintain and develop skills and personal development. Once out of mainstream corporate life, an interim manager may find that they miss out on regular training and courses. Therefore it can be valuable to invest in some form of Continuous Personal Development (CPD) programme.

There are a number of organisations that provide these courses, and we list some of them on our links page. One of these bodies is the Institute of Interim Management, which offers its own CPD programme designed with the interim manager in mind.

It is also important to attend relevant seminars and keep up to date with new developments in international management by subscribing to trade and business magazines – there are many excellent online feeds.

Clients are looking for interim managers to add value to their organisations, so it is important that they are abreast of new trends in management thinking and methods.

When being interviewed for an interim management assignment try to do as much research as possible, and engage the client in a discussion of the problem and the expected role. You are not really being interviewed in the traditional sense but demonstrating your ability to deliver a specific and clearly defined assignment.

Once on assignment, ensure good formal communications with the client and manage their expectations throughout the duration of the assignment. This will include: