The Excellence Dividend: Meeting the Tech Tide with Work That Wows and Jobs That Last

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The Excellence Dividend: Meeting the Tech Tide with Work That Wows and Jobs That Last

 “In real life, strategy is actually very straightforward.
Pick a general direction… and implement like hell”
   Jack Welch, former chief executive of GE


Peters, perhaps surprisingly, has no interest in grand management strategies. His advice in the first chapter of his latest book, drawing together over five decades of thinking about excellence, is clear and simple: Do the thing until it is done. Do not overcomplicate. Do the next thing.

When he published his first best-selling book – In Search of Excellence – written with McKinsey colleague Bob Waterman in 1982, the threat to American businesses was from Japan. America had become too focused on management by numbers, instead of concentrating on constantly improving things for the customer and what was happening on the shop floor. This time, Peters sees the biggest threat as automation and artificial intelligence, but is optimistic about the future. If we focus on excellence, with fully engaged employees providing personalised service that makes you smile, or the sort of design excellence you see from Apple products, then businesses will survive.

Just as there was in 1982, there are a few businesses that are demonstrating excellence:

Peters doesn’t hold back in his frustrations with the way things are still done in many companies. His views include:

Peters believes excellence is a helluva lot of fun – giving you the opportunity to witness customer smiles, employee growth and the community’s applause. Excellence is profitable. It may be hard work, but it is eminently doable. As he says, if not excellence, then what?

About the author

Tom Peters was born in Baltimore in 1942 and is a civil engineering MBA graduate of Cornell, with a Ph.D. in business from Stanford. He holds honorary doctorates from institutions ranging from the University of San Francisco to the State University of Management in Moscow and has been honoured by dozens of associations, recognised as one of the world’s great management thinkers. Peters worked for the U.S. Navy from 1966–1970, including two deployments to Vietnam and was a White House drug-abuse advisor. He joined McKinsey & Co in 1974, becoming a partner in 1979. In 1981, Tom founded Skunkworks Inc. and The Tom Peters Company. His first of 16 books – In Search of Excellence – was published in 1982, and is one of the best selling business books ever, selling 3 million copies in its first four years, and being the most widely held monograph in the United States. Peters has put his thoughts about excellence from over five decades into a 4,094 slide powerpoint presentation called – THE WORKS – available at


“Tom Peters’ new book is a bundle of beautiful dynamite. While I’ve been a CEO for 30 years, I still learned much worth knowing from The Excellence Dividend. You will too.” 
John C. Bogle, founder, Vanguard 

“Here’s what you need to know: This is 100% pure, unfiltered, unexpurgated, Tom Peters. THIS IS THE REAL DEAL. PERIOD.”
 Seth Godin, author, Linchpin

“Tom Peters continues to push our thinking and shape our practices. His passion for people, innovation, and leadership – critical ingredients fuelling a culture of excellence – is contagious.”
Marianne Lewis, dean and professor of management, Cass Business School, City University of London

“Ever since the 1982 publication of In Search of Excellence, Tom Peters has shaped the way an entire generation of entrepreneurs looks at business. Now, thank goodness, he’s back at it, applying his unquenchable passion for excellence to an utterly transformed world that needs his wisdom more than ever.”
Bo Burlingham, former inc. editor and author, Small Giants and Finish Big

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