Mission: How the best in business break through

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Mission: How the best in business break through

Mission: How the best in business break through – Michael Hayman & Nick Giles

If business as usual is over, what is it about the most successful companies that makes them win?

If photo messaging app Snapchat can reach a $10 billion evaluation within two years, only 30% of the companies that made up the FTSE 100 index when it was founded 30 years ago are still around today, and human attention spans have declined from 12 to 8 seconds in the last 13 years, it is fair to say that businesses need to know the secrets of survival.

No matter the size or age of your organisation, the authors Hayman and Giles, founders of the British campaigning consultancy Seven Hills, believe the best in business are those that can cut through this noise, stand out as campaigners and activists, and be a force for good.

While many are often sceptical about missions, the authors argue that it is hard to name businesses that succeed without a bold vision being hard-wired into their DNA. And without a clear purpose the people that make and sustain an organisation – the founders, the employees, the consumers – can’t survive, thrive or build momentum to power through to the top.

 “This is an environment where the ability to explain your proposition is paramount, your narrative matters, and the best story wins.” Michael Hayman & Nick Giles

In Mission, Hayman and Giles have interviewed leaders and pioneers behind breakthrough companies such as Airbnb, retail giant Whole Foods and baby food brand Ella’s Kitchen to try and uncover how they have done it.

Interesting insights include:

If Mission demonstrates anything, it is that businesses are changing people’s lives through the power of purpose, culture, communication and campaigning. A clear and defining mission that is believed with conviction and builds momentum, without fear of failure, is critical. And if mission based firms are quickly becoming the ones that people want to buy from and work for, it might be time to write a new chapter for your own organisation.

** About the authors Michael Hayman and Nick Giles are the co-founders of Seven Hills, the campaigning communications firm. Seven Hills was named the Best Corporate Consultancy in the world by the Holmes Report and is also a Santander Breakthrough 50 winner.

Michael is a co-founder of StartUp Britain, the national initiative for early-stage enterprise launched by the Prime Minister. He is Chairman of Entrepreneurs at the private bank Coutts and an Honorary Fellow at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School. He was awarded an MBE for services to enterprise promotion in 2014.

Nick works closely with high growth firms in the UK, US and Asia. He is an ambassador for the Hong Kong government’s venture programme. He is also an advisory board member of Tech London Advocates, and is an advisor to the global youth movement One Young World. Reviews “A whistle-stop tour of some of the world’s most interesting entrepreneurial companies. The book offers a new perspective … read it with a pen and paper – it will ensure you’re on the right mission.” Forbes

“Fascinating – and all the better for being digestible and readable. Business schools should study its pages”. Chris Blackhurst, Evening Standard


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Author: Michael Hayman & Nick Giles

ISBN: 978-0241004777