Harvey Nash Technology Survey identifies London’s technology growth as potential brain drain for the rest of the UK

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Harvey Nash Technology Survey identifies London’s technology growth as potential brain drain for the rest of the UK

Over one third (34 per cent) of technology professionals are prepared to relocate to London from another UK region for the right career move, whilst on average only half of that proportion (17 per cent) are prepared to relocate to Scotland, the Midlands and the Northern regions of the UK for a similar opportunity.

The dominance of London as the country’s leading creator of technology jobs risks creating a dearth of technology skills in other UK regions, and is contributing to over half of hiring managers in Scotland, Midlands and Northern UK regions being unable to fill essential positions; a much higher proportion than anywhere else in the UK.

HN Technology Survey table

Graph: UK regional technology skills shortage verses percentage of UK technology community prepared to move to region for right job.


Skills shortage Prepared to relocate to
Scotland 55% 14%
Midlands (England) 53% 20%
North West (England) 52% 17%
London (England) 45% 34%
South West (England) 42% 22%
East Anglia (England) 40% 17%
South East (England) 37% 23%
Wales 33% 13%
NE/Humb/Yorks (England) 28% 17%
ALL 49%

Table: data identifying UK regional technology skills shortage verses percentage of UK technology community prepared to move to region for right job.

Matt Smith, Managing Director, Harvey Nash UK Regions said: “Technology innovation has been a leading component of the emerging UK economic recovery and while recognising London is a driving force of the country’s global brand we must also be very careful not to limit the potential of businesses in other UK regions to innovate their way to growth.”

The Harvey Nash Technology survey polled the opinions of 1,555 technology experts across the UK and Ireland. Other key findings include:

Commenting on the results, Albert Ellis, CEO of Harvey Nash Group plc said: “The UK’s continued growth as a global technology hub is key to our economic recovery, but this survey shows the sector is increasingly out of balance. Regional disparities in skills availability, and a lack of diversity are both key factors that could limit the sector’s future development.”

Ellis concluded: “We must push for advancements in the technology education and skilling of young people; we must also promote inclusiveness to attract a larger pool of talent and develop an awareness around pay parity. We know that diverse team contribute directly to building an innovative culture. It’s of great concern that so few women and candidates from an ethnic minority background are choosing to work in Technology and build their career in the sector. We know these roles are centrally important to our future economic prosperity. We need the very best talent to power the recovery.”

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To request a copy of the Harvey Nash Technology Survey please visit: http://alturl.com/c8wxd

About the research:
(i) Survey conducted online by Harvey Nash between 18 July 2012 and 12 Oct 2012 amongst 1,555 technology professionals from the UK, Ireland and European countries.

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