Communicating effectively and with impact

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Communicating effectively and with impact

On Wednesday 22nd November Bruce Mair, Impact Executives’ Head of Digital & Technology hosted an evening of lively debate on communicating effectively and with impact.

Rachael Hanley-Browne, the Head of the Harvey Nash Leadership Consulting practice and Executive Coach led the discussion sharing her experience, insights and some tools designed to help people reflect on their own personal communication strategies.

Rachael introduced the VoicePrint communications model. Everyone has a personal but mostly unconscious pattern of voices which shape the way we talk and the impression we make as a result. VoicePrint identifies the personal impact that you make through the ways that you talk, think and act. These can be limiters but if you understand and know how and when to use them, they are practical means of raising self-awareness and developing personal and inter-personal effectiveness.

“Understandably, we all tend to rely on our preferred communication style and rarely step back to consider how we could be more effective if we improve our range.  The ability to flex our style in different contexts is the key to success for Interims leading change.” Rachael Hanley-Browne.

If you are interested in hearing more about Voiceprint, the services of Leadership Consulting or Impact Executives offer please contact Vicki Ludlow at Impact Executives on 0207 314 2023 or Hayley Charles at Harvey Nash on 020 7333 1585