Beyond Leadership – What Makes a Technology Executive Successful

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Beyond Leadership – What Makes a Technology Executive Successful

Bruce Mair, Head of Digital & Technology was a panellist at the HMG London CIO Summit on 27th September.  This panel of top technology search executives shared valuable advice on what key attributes and strategies, beyond leadership, are making some technology executives more successful than others.

Being an great leader is about more than just getting the job done. You’ve got to balance business objectives with team competencies.  You have to consider matters from the perspective of others. Relatively few people are born leaders, and leadership skills need to be worked at.

The attributes for success discussed included:

There later followed discussion on the CIO and his/her personal brand.

CIOs are aware of the need to build their brands but they are often not natural self-publicists, and conscious of the subtle line between positive brand building and blatant self-promotion.  It might not come naturally but in today’s increasingly complex corporate environment, the need for branding is a reality.  Tips include: