BRC – Customer insight 2015

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BRC – Customer insight 2015

12th May 2015 – Leading the digital revolution with insight. Ajaz Ahmed, CEO, founder and chair, AKQA. AKQA is an ideas and innovation company with clients like Nike, Heineken and Microsoft founded by Ahmed in 1994.

Digital is not in the abstract – It’s like oxygen or electricity, it is vital to everyday life.

The life span of a Fortune 500 company in the 1950’s was 57 years; today it is no more than 17. So change is happening faster than ever before.

Change is the only constant and embracing that will enable businesses to endure. There has to limitless leadership, interesting and new things do not happen by looking backwards.

Ajaz’s advice?

Nike’s vision is To bring innovation and inspiration to every athlete in the world. Given everybody has a body and can be an athlete; they are really intending to innovate and inspire every one. To date, there have been 21 million downloads for the Nike app.

Everything that was once analogue will be digital; even basketball courts now have LED floors, mapping players movements – creating a multi-dimensional experience.

Big data and storytelling needs to be hit with one swift execution – an example of this is that 100,000 top Nike athletes were sent a personalised video made up of their training record, so each was made a hero. It is not always about ROI but about lots of experimentation, with unknown outcomes and allowing yourself to go where the users take you.

Keeping an external focus – businesses should think about what opportunity they are trying to unlock or which problem they are trying to solve. What memory do they want to create or what feeling are they trying to evoke in the the hearts and minds of their audience? The motivation for digitising any business should be to reduce steps in the process, simplifying things for people’s lives consequently making people happier.

What’s our capability to execute and deliver our strategy? The most powerful force in the universe is not technology, it is innovation

Christine de Largy, Managing Director of Impact Executives, experts in interim management, is passionate about the digital transformation of consumer businesses. She hosts a retail forum to facilitate debate around the issues retail businesses today face and also sits on the management and advisory boards of IORMA, the International Omni-channel Retail Markets Association.

About Impact Executives Ltd Impact Executives is a leading interim management provider to organisations of every size in the UK and globally. Originally formed as a specialist practice within PA Consulting Group, over the past 25 years Impact Executives has helped over 2000 companies, including more than two-thirds of the FTSE 250 – find the very best executive interim management talent.

Clients choose to work in partnership with Impact Executives because of our proven ability to offer client’s immediate solutions to improve their organisation’s performance through identifying skills-gaps, business process reengineering (BPR), turnaround, restructure and growth.

With offices covering the UK, the Nordics, Europe, Asia Pacific and North America, Impact Executives is part of the global recruitment specialist Harvey Nash Group plc. Over the past 20 years we have given clients and interim managers the confidence that we have the resources, expertise and focus to deliver results – fast.

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