30% Club breakfast – Cracking the Code – ‘Behavioural differences between men and women at work’

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30% Club breakfast – Cracking the Code – ‘Behavioural differences between men and women at work’

On the 18th of March 2014 Christine de Largy, Managing Director of Impact Executives – global interim management, and Carol Rosati of Impact Executives’ parent company Harvey Nash Group Plc attended the 30% Club breakfast and presentation looking at the findings of their ‘Cracking the Code’ research project on ‘Behavioural differences between men and women at work’.

The 30% Club is formed of Chairmen voluntarily committed to bringing more women onto UK corporate boards. Their report included contributions from FTSE-100 and FTSE-250 companies representing more than 680,000 employees. The findings showed new and interesting insights and comparisons into the behaviours between men and women at work along with useful recommendations to help women progress at each stage of their careers.

Identifying the top 10 myths concerning women in the work place, the presentation looked at the effects of unconscious bias from both men and women and the corporate changes that need to be made in order to drive this change. The report identifies each of these 10 myths and provides evidence to show that they are exactly that, just myths. For example, Myth 10 ‘The business case for gender diversity is working’. The findings were that of course this is a necessary precursor for change. However, the people who are the most compelling and committed to change have very personal experiences and perspectives. Some are able to evidence the experience of sons and daughters to throw light on the issues and it is those personal experiences that inform their personal passion to evangelise.

Impact Executives and Harvey Nash Group are passionate about the diversification of the corporate hierarchy and in 2008 launched the Inspire/Aspire partnership – a global network and forum for senior level executive women who have aspirations to be the board leaders of the future. We look forward to driving this agenda and challenging preconceived ideas within our communities.

For a copy of the report please contact:

Christine de Largy, Harvey Nash Board Practice and Impact Executives On Christine.delargy@impactexecutives.com Or Email: 30PercentClub@mhpc.com



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