General Management

The calm stabiliser or turnaround storm you need

There are many reasons why great organisations decide to hire interims at the top of their business.

A surprisingly easy decision

It may seem like a bold decision to ask an interim to run one of your businesses, but a quick look at the economics and a few moments consideration of the cost of inaction, means many successful companies realise that interim management will be the most effective choice.

Impact Executives is highly experienced in general management roles, including Managing Directors and CEOs. An interim CEO can also assist in the recruitment, and smooth transition of, a permanent replacement, ensuring a seamless integration that minimises business interruption.

Because we know our people so well, we understand their expertise and talent. Most of our core general management interims have completed more than one assignment for our clients, so we can be confident they will be highly effective in even a tough environment.

What have our interim leaders delivered?